About the paper

If you want to understand how to make your operation more intelligent in-depth, read the full paper written by Hani Elshahawi & Ricardo Clemente “Enabling the journey to Operational AI”. You will have in your hands the main factors that make this approach effective to transform data into results faster than average.

This content is strongly recommended for:

  • Operations managers 
  • Drilling superintendents and supervisors 
  • Real time operating center and control room staff
  • Operational Planners and performance improvement specialists 

What concepts you will learn from this Paper?


 Operational AI Apps


 Augmented Intelligence


 Data Quality Management

Ricardo Clemente

Ricardo Clemente is co-founder co-Head of Intelie.

Since the founding of Intelie, Ricardo was responsible for product development and global expansion, managing to secure a series of industry awards for Intelie for its technical capabilities and exponential growth.

Ricardo is an electronic engineer, with masters in AI and has published numerous technical papers in various industry and trade organizations.

Hani Elshahawi

Hani Elshahawi is a thought leader and Game Changer with nearly 35 years of experience in energy operations, innovation, technology management, and business consulting.

His experience spans the full cycle of innovation from cradle to grave and from concept to commercialization including 18 years at Shell and 15 years at Schlumberger. In his current company, NoviDigiTech, he partners with innovators, academics, startups, entrepreneurs, investors, and customers to create impact and drive growth through integration, collaboration, digitalization, and education.

He holds several patents and has authored over 150 technical papers spanning diverse topics in engineering, digitalization, and geosciences.